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16.3.12  Saw our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach Edu return from his month training trip to Brasil, Edu's attention to tiny detail in BJJ is simply superb

11.3.12   Dynamo Fighters John Dugdale and Jason Thompson compete at ECFF Norwich,  John won by Unanimos decision and Jason unfortunately lost via guilotine choke, welldone men

11.3.12  Glenn and Mark both win Golds in 18-30s divisions at TUFF grappling championship

4.3.12  Dynamos Simon Neal wins Gold at Abu Dhabi BJJ UK Pro trials , Welldone Bro

3.3.12 Dynamo Fighter Kev Layne wins by 2nd round TKO at UCF Colchester  against strong opponent

24.2.12   Saw BJJ Blackbelt 2nd degree Max Campos take a quality session at Dynamo

19.2.12  Saw MMA and NoGi champion Claudio Silva conduct a NoGi seminar at Dynamo

Claudio Silva - MMA - BJJ - SUBMISSION GRAPPLING CHAMP - 3 hour seminar - all welcome

19.12.11  MANY MANY MORE PHOTOS facebook Dynamo FightTeam

11.12.11  Our BJJ Coach Eduardo Goncalves hosted a seminar in felixstowe with nearly 40 students attending, seminar ended with 3 more Dynamo fighters gaining their BJJ blue belts, welldone Glenn, Luke and Mog

4.12.11  Dynamo Fighter Dan O'Sullivan wins 3 round war at Sundays UCF event in Colchester

 3.12.11 Luke wins by Unanimos Decision after dominating his fight at ECFF MMA Norwich, while Arnie wins his 2nd belt of the year at F/W by RNC again in the 1st round

  Mark and Chris WIN Gold and Bronze in their respective catogories at English Open for BJJ Revolution Team


6.11.11  Felixstowes Arnie Allen wins 66kg Title via TKO (set up with jump scissors knee to head)
 in 2nd round at UCMMA/Cage Rage Contenders in Brighton

17.10.11  Congrats to Felixstowe's Arnie Allen winning in 1.39mins of round One via RNC at last nights Fury MMA event in Romford

2.10.11   Welldone Mr Steve Beames... Taking on a much younger opponent and after cracking a rib in the very first striking exchange... Steve went on to win via a unanimous decision, congrats bro

24.9.11 Congrats Demetrius Ramos winning 2011 IBJJF US Nationals title for BJJ Revolution team.

Nice T-Shirt

 27.8.11  Congratulations to Dynamo Fighter Patrick Grogan on his 2nd Round Knock Out  via a big right hook at last night UCF event in Colchester, well done also the team for supporting him, more info to follow

20.8.11  New Club T-Shirt available....Quality Design featuring a Slightly revised Dynamo Logo, The Logo of the BJJ Revolution team of which we are official members and the Bandit Fight Team logo

3.8.11  Big thanks to to BJJ Revolution Blackbelt and Dynamos new BJJ coach Edu Goncalves for his excellent first session at the club, Eduardo will be back on Friday 19th August 7pm to 9pm....Dont miss out

 16.7.11  Big Congratulations to Dynamo fighter Craig Gibson on his marriage to Donna on saturday, All at the club wish you both a long and happy life together 

11.7.11 WOW...  4 Great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teachers on the Dynamo mats at the same time, As a leaving seminar our regular BJJ coach Demetrius Ramos introduced over 30 of his students from Dynamo, Norwich and Lakenheath to our new BJJ coaches... Dema was Joined by fellow Blackbelts Edu Gonclaves (dynamos new coach),  Claudio Silva and BrownBelt Alain Pozo, Was great seminar and all enjoyed, day Finished with some belt promotions

3.7.11  Dynamo Fighter Luke Goldfinch returned to the cage with a victory in last night ECFF event in Norwich, Almost right from the off the fight went to the ground, with Luke in top position controlling his opponent for most of the fight, he eventually won via unanimos decision... well done, better pics to follow


17.6.11  Dynamo smashing machine Arnie Allen was again victorius in last nights CFC event at the Circus Tavern, Essex. Coming in against a fighter who looked much bigger Mog took the battle to him with some great striking, managing to take his opponent down at will, Mog took his back and finished him via Rear Naked Choke in 1.55 mins of round One. Thanks also to all our friends at BKK in Colchester. . VIDEO HERE

5.6.11  'LATEST' Wow what a weekend.... Dynamo Fighter Arnie Allen stepped up with 24 hours notice to take a WIN by Rear naked choke over a fighter from Peterborough MMA in 1.53mins of round one at Sunday nights event in Gt Yarmouth. More info and better pictures to follow

5.6.11  welldone to Dynamo fighter Kev Layne, winning in true Dynamo style at last nights UCF 'takedown' MMA event in Colchester Essex, Dominating the fight completely Kev won in round 2 with vicious Ground n Pound... Congrats, Makes us proud


 7.5.11  Congratulations to Dynamo Fighter Glenn Ward for stepping up with 24 hours notice to fight at last nights "NO PAIN NO GAME" MMA event in Norwich, After some heavy striking from 2 big guys, Glenn managed to knock his opponent down, take the mount and win by submission via Americana in 2 min 35 secs of the first round


15.4.11  Big Thanks to Master Rodrigo Medeiros,  4th Degree Blackbelt under Carlson Gracie senior and head of the BJJ REVOLUTION team conducted a 3 hour seminar along with our regular instructor Demetrius Ramos, students attended from Norwich, Felixstowe, Ipswich, Bury and Colchester... we hope to have Master Rodrigo back again in future

On friday april 15th Demetrius Ramos will be bringing his Master, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend and joint head of the BJJ REVOLUTION team (worldwide) Rodrigo Medeiros to Felixstowe for open seminar, everyone is welcome, more info to follow... for details contact Demetrius

 Wednesday 13th April - Our friday instructor Demetrius Ramos welcomes Rodrigo Medeiros to Dynamo in preparation for friday 15th seminar

 No-Gi Sub Grappling "DYNAMITE 3"

Dynamo  V  Norwich kickstop    C/G Bluewave Bury  V  C/G Essex

Thanks to all the guys who turned out - hope all enjoyed


+94 ... 1st Glen Ward (Dynamo) 2nd Lucas Smith (Bluewave)

-94 ... 1st Josh Palmer (Bluewave) 2nd Perry Walton (Dynamo)

-86 ... Joint 1st Steve Beames (Dynamo) Daniel Rainbird (CG essex) 2nd Garry MacDonald (Dynamo)

-80 ... joint 1st Craig Gibson (Dynamo) Frank Sanderson (CG essex) Kev Layne (Dynamo) 2nd Darren Kirk (Bluewave)

-75 ... 1st Niall Grant (Bluewave) 2nd Darren (Dynamo)

-70 ... 1st Jack Lister (Bluewave) 2nd Paul Harper (CG essex)

-65 ... Joint 1st Connor Hutchins (Norwich) Kieron Hopgood (CG essex) 2nd Daniel Jones (CG essex)

Interclub submission wrestling - this is a fun and relaxed no-gi interclub competition/rolling and must not be taken to seriously, aimed at novices with no or very little competition experience - FREE OF CHARGE - rules right at the bottom of miscellaneous section




6.3.11  Saturday night saw Mog "Billy" Allen winning by TKO in 3.21 minutes of first round in true Dynamo style against Alfi Rafety of Ripped. more pictures to follow


 26.2.11  Big congratulations to Dynamo fighter Pacer Allen on his 1st round stoppage of Polish fighter Raf in last nights UCF MMA show in Colchester, more info and photos to follow



Well done to Dynamo men Glen Ward who took Gold in the novice 100+ kg division and Luke Goldfinch who took Bronze in novice -70 kg at GOTG on sunday, well done to all the rest of the ipswich guys and the Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution team, info www.bluewavemartialart.com

 2 BJJ Blackbelts on Dynamo mats on friday night

Friday 21st January saw Demetrius Ramos our regular Friday night instructor and his student 2008 world champion Ryan Beauregard teach a quality No-Gi Submission wrestling class in Felixstowe



  24.10.10  well done and thanks to all who turned up for Dynamo's second interclub submission grappling event 'DYNAMITE 2', think all enjoyed and we look forward to hosting the next event soon

DYNAMITE2041.jpg picture by dynamoMT

DYNAMITE2004.jpg picture by dynamoMT

DYNAMITE2016.jpg picture by dynamoMT

DYNAMITE2009.jpg picture by dynamoMT

UNDER 65 kg joint winners Arnie Allen (Dynamo)- Lee Hammond (Norwich)

UNDER 73 kg winner John Lister (Bluewave)

UNDER 82 kg joint winners Rob Jervis (Norwich) - Iain Mackintosh (Bluewave)

UNDER 93 kg winner Ryan Hutchinson (Bluewave)

OVER 93 kg winner Josh Palmer (Bluewave)

DYNAMITE2045.jpg picture by dynamoMT


Dynamite2jpegSMALL.jpg picture by dynamoMT

Dynamo 'Dynamite 2' submission grappling interclub 24th Oct


Dynamo MuayThai  v  Norwich MMA  with Bluewave BJJ

weigh in and rules 11.30am - Starts 12pm

this interclub is free of charge.... medals for winners - Rules are in the miscellaneous section right at the bottom

 18.9.10  Tonight saw 3 Dynamo fighters take part in the ECFF MMA event held at the Talk in Norwich, Glen won by unanimos decision after dominating his bout, Luke lost a very close fight by decision, probably by one big takedown, and unfortunately Patrick lost by RNC, well done men it takes alot to step up and fight, more pictures to follow

ecff-pg-3.jpg picture by dynamoMT

glen-1.jpg picture by dynamoMT

luke.jpg picture by dynamoMT glen.jpg picture by dynamoMT patrick.jpg picture by dynamoMT

ECFF18thseptPoster2.jpg picture by dynamoMT 

3 Dynamo fighters will take part in the upcomming mma event in Norwich

Luke Goldfinch

Glen Ward

Patrick Grogan

 5.9.10   Today saw members of both Dynamo and Norwich Kickstop MMA take part in an interclub No-Gi submission grappling contest in Felixstowe, the day went well and all seemed to enjoy, we will be having more of these events in the future and inviting other clubs along

Results for the 3 categories were

Under 75kg - Winner - Ash Brock (Dynamo)

75kg to 85kg - Winner - Stuart Gooch (Norwich)

Over 85kg - Winner - Perry Walton (Dynamo)

DynamoVnorwich025.jpg picture by dynamoMT

DynamoVnorwich022.jpg picture by dynamoMT  DynamoVnorwich009.jpg picture by dynamoMT

DynamoVnorwich007.jpg picture by dynamoMT  DynamoVnorwich008.jpg picture by dynamoMT

DynamoVnorwich021.jpg picture by dynamoMT DynamoVnorwich011.jpg picture by dynamoMT DynamoVnorwich013.jpg picture by dynamoMT

 13.8.10   Demetrius Ramos BJJ Blackbelt at Dynamo Friday night training

DemetriusRamos003.jpg picture by dynamoMT

On september 5th Dynamo will take on Norwich kickstop in a submission grappling roll round at Deben in Felixstowe, more details to follow and our special interclub rules will be posted right at the bottom in miscellaneous section

 18.7.10   Congratulations to both Luke and Billy (Mog) for last nights displays at THE TALK in Norwich, Luke won by unanimous decision after dominating an MMA bout and Mog won a K1 battle after battering his opponent for 3 bruising rounds, well done men you make the club proud.  more pictures to follow

BillyAllen.jpg picture by dynamoMT

BillyWinner.jpg picture by dynamoMT

LukeGoldfinchWInnerCW.jpg picture by dynamoMT

BillyH.jpg picture by dynamoMT   LukeGoldfinchVsGrantKemp.jpg picture by dynamoMT   BillyClinch.jpg picture by dynamoMT

GEDC2091.jpg picture by dynamoMT GEDC2104.jpg picture by dynamoMT

GEDC2124.jpg picture by dynamoMT

with Dream fighter Jochiem 'Hellboy' Hansen, we didnt mind sharing our pads with them lol

GEDC2119.jpg picture by dynamoMT GEDC2117.jpg picture by dynamoMT GEDC2125.jpg picture by dynamoMT

 Dynamo will be fielding fighters for the upcoming MMA event in Norwich

Luke Goldfinch v Grant Kemp (Elite TC)

Billy Allen v Hamoune Islam (Diesel Gym)

Tickets available from fighters

Poster17thjulyWEBSITE.jpg picture by dynamoMT


 EventPoster002.jpg picture by dynamoMT

Anyone from Dynamo wanting to enter the no-gi submission contest in ipswich needs to enter themselves via the GTTG website - Remember you are entering under the Carlson Gracie name NOT Dynamo

UPDATE: well done the guys who train at Dynamo who entered this event

darrendownload249.jpg picture by dynamoMT darrendownload220.jpg picture by dynamoMT


 DynamoMMAcamb002-1.jpg picture by dynamoMT

Dynamo Fight Team 'Tsunami' MMA event

 TomAylotwinner.jpg picture by dynamoMT TomAylot.jpg picture by dynamoMT

More pictures of Tom to follow when i get them

KevinHappy.jpg picture by dynamoMT KingKevin.jpg picture by dynamoMT KevinLayne.jpg picture by dynamoMT

BABESmay2010.jpg picture by dynamoMT KevinANDfriends.jpg picture by dynamoMT

1.5.10    Congratulations to Tom and Kevin who both dominated the ground game in last nights MMA event in Cambridge, both winning by unanimous decision, Unfortunately Billy and Pacer had to withdraw at last minute..

SAM_0584.jpg picture by dynamoMT SAM_0623.jpg picture by dynamoMT

SAM_0596.jpg picture by dynamoMT   SAM_0638.jpg picture by dynamoMT

18.4.10  Less than 2 weeks to go - tickets are now in short supply and the event looks like it will be a sell out - 4 Dynamo Fighters

Pacer Allen V Ashley 'the Swagga' Spencer (British Top Team)

Kev Layne V Dan Smith (Norwich Kickstop)

Tom Aylott V Adam Mott (Ringside boxing & MMA)

Billy Allen V Alffi Rafety (Ripped MMA)

Full fightcard can be found here www.fightfactorys.com

 PACERandPAULfaceOFFemail.jpg picture by dynamoMT

24.3.10   Dynamo fighter Pacer Allen will be headlining the upcoming 'Tsunami' MMA event in Cambridge on 1st May against Paul Saunders after being called out at the last ECFF event, Dynamo will also be fielding several other fighters including Billy Allen and first time out Kev Layne and Tom Aylott. tickets available from club and fighters now

PACERontheMICWEBCW.jpg picture by dynamoMT

 19.2.10   Friday night saw Dynamo Fighter, young Mo 'Billy'Allen winning his first MMA fight at the Talk nightclub in Norwich by first round submission after some aggressive striking. Welldone Mate.

 Winnerbilly.jpg picture by dynamoMT

Billyfinishingconner-1.jpg picture by dynamoMT

billyflyingwithconner.jpg picture by dynamoMT

MUMposter19thFeb.jpg picture by dynamoMT    mofite002.jpg picture by dynamoMT

  19.11.09   big thanks to BJJ Purple Belt Ian Blackford who came down and took a BJJ for MMA class on wednesday night

ianseminar038.jpg picture by dynamoMT

  16.11.09  New design club MuayThai/ValeTudo shorts available in one size, limited number

newshorts001.jpg picture by dynamoMT newshorts002.jpg picture by dynamoMT

 4.10.09  Congratulations to both Perry and Steve on their victorys at last nights MMA event in lowestoft - Perry won by submission after some heavy striking in round One, And Steve won by Unanimous decision after dominating a stand up battle - welldone men you did the club and town proud - Also big thanks to the massive support who travelled up to watch our men - Pictures to follow BUT if anyone has extra pics please can you send to them to me for website at dynamomuaythai@aol.com

SteveBeamsWinner.jpg picture by dynamoMT

PerryWinning.jpg picture by dynamoMT

WEBsizeMarcusBitmapinNOWAYBACKposte.jpg picture by dynamoMT

 22.8.09  Welldone to Dean, Glen and Phil who took part in the Singto MuayThai interclub on Saturday - more pictures to follow

cambridge22aug006.jpg picture by dynamoMT singto4.jpg picture by dynamoMT

 5.7.09  Welldone to Steve and Craig last night - Quality - Steve won in 1.24 mins with a shoulder crank after dominating throughout and Craig was unlucky to lose a very close decision after a bruising bout which ended as Fight of the Night

330.jpg picture by dynamoMT MMACRAIG.jpg picture by dynamoMT 325.jpg picture by dynamoMT

327.jpg picture by dynamoMT 346.jpg picture by dynamoMT 345.jpg picture by dynamoMT

336.jpg picture by dynamoMT 348.jpg picture by dynamoMT lowestoft4709021-1.jpg picture by dynamoMT

339.jpg picture by dynamoMT lowestoft4709036a-1.jpg picture by dynamoMT

340.jpg picture by dynamoMT lowestoft4709047a.jpg picture by dynamoMT

lowestoft4709022.jpg picture by dynamoMT

333.jpg picture by dynamoMT 332.jpg picture by dynamoMT

 websizeBitmapinstuartposter3.jpg picture by dynamoMT

16.6.09  2 Dynamo fighters Craig and Steven will be representing the club and town at the forth coming MMA event in lowestoft on 4th July, anybody who wants to buy a ticket to support the men (and you should) can purchase them from the fighters at any time, could be as many as 18 MMA fights on the night and tickets will go fast -  Good on you men it takes balls to step up and fight - Unfortunately for them they will have a better view of the ring girls than the people in the audience

GEMMA10.jpg picture by dynamoMT  NIKKILEE4.jpg picture by dynamoMT

pics supplied by Stuart the event promotor

fatringgirls.jpg picture by dynamoMT

latest news is that these curvy beauties have been brought in special for Craigs fight

6.6.09   Quality new Ltd Edition Dynamo Fighter Walkout tee, Very expensive and can be earned free of charge to fighters who represent the club

dynamoWalkouttee002.jpg picture by dynamoMT dynamoWalkouttee003.jpg picture by dynamoMT dynamoWalkouttee005.jpg picture by dynamoMT

 da6h9b43Rockstar16thmay.jpg picture by dynamoMT

16.5.09  Saturday night saw Windy and Mark cornering for Bluewave Fighter Adrian Jonchkz in his first Pro MMA fight at the Watford Colosseum, Adrian fighting at lightweight was unfortunate to lose to a 2nd round TKO but performed well and is looking forward to fighting again

cagefite003.jpg picture by dynamoMT   cagefite005.jpg picture by dynamoMT 

Adrian and Windy before the fight    . . . . .    Mark and Windy's view from cage side


 28.4.09  Saw 5 members of Dynamo attend Bluewaves Royce Gracie seminar in Ipswich,  Royce Gracie is a BJJ legend and 3 times UFC champion and hall of famer, all had a good night and have come away with some new tools in our groundwork arsenal

roycegracieseminar2067.jpg picture by dynamoMT

Rolling with Royce

roycegracieseminar2055.jpg picture by dynamoMT

1/ Royce Gracie - BJJ legend - MMA pioneer - 3 x UFC champ - In Big trouble !

roycegracieseminar2056.jpg picture by dynamoMT

2/ Severe trouble - Hes about to get it !!!

roycegracieseminar2053.jpg picture by dynamoMT

3/ Oh Dear ! - somethings gone wrong !!

roycegracieseminar2045.jpg picture by dynamoMT

4/ Watch out Royce - you are going to get turned over

roycegracieseminar2040.jpg picture by dynamoMT

5/ oh dear !

roycegracieseminar2041.jpg picture by dynamoMT

6/ Game Over - Royce was lucky that Mark, in awe, forgot everything hes learned in BJJ


 16.4.09  Quality new club hoody for training or social use - Available to Dynamo members for cost price 24 GBP - These will only be ordered as people want them, sizes available  S,M,L,XL,XXL - Many thanks to Robert for modeling it for us.

newdynamohoody003.jpg picture by dynamoMT newdynamohoody006.jpg picture by dynamoMT

 14.3.09  3 Fighters from Dynamo recently took part in a thai boxing interclub in Cambridge, Craig, Dean and Steve all performed well, putting on a good show for all to see

Cambthaibox14march09006.jpg picture by dynamoMT

Cambthaibox14march09001.jpg picture by dynamoMT Cambthaibox14march09010.jpg picture by dynamoMT Cambthaibox14march09002.jpg picture by dynamoMT 


Training Times