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At Dynamo we train Muay Thai boxing but with an MMA feel,  all the stand up strikes from MuayThai - punches, kicks, knees and elbows put into combination for maximum power but at the same time being aware of attempted takedowns using movement, ringcraft and takedown defence -   If you go down we work on on tying up your opponent and getting back to your feet as quickly as possible or working a quick submission or finding a better position for you to strike from the floor using punches, elbows and knees - time also spent working on controlling and striking a grounded opponent whilst you are standing, training such techniques as the foot stomp and soccer kick -   One of the most important parts of both Thai boxing and MMA is clinchwork at Dynamo this is a big part of our training, mixing both MuayThai and ValeTudo style clinch / wrestling technique together for ultimate clinchwork using knees and elbows with throws, sweeps, takedowns and the defence against them.

Our instructors have been teaching Muay Thai in Suffolk for over 15 years and are the only MuayThai qualified coaches in the Ipswich area,  over the years we have produced some very good Thai Boxers and will continue to do so, in 2009 we put our first fighters into MMA competition with a 75% win rate for 2009 and 80% win rate for 2010 - Although we do put fighters out please remember that nobody will make anyone fight if they do not want to, lots of people just like to train for fitness and to learn new skills - at the same time Dynamo will not put fighters out whom we do not think are ready

 We are a MuayThai based striking club - looking to devastate from any position 

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